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Illustration by Lauren Nassef

Fat Swim (print only)

Alice spots the fat women through the second-story kitchen window. It’s Wednesday, so Dad is out at his feelings meeting. She has just turned eight and has been dragging her drumsticks over different household surfaces to see what sounds they ma [...]

Illustration by Lauren Nassef

The Obituary (print only)

When reporting on suicide, the CDC advises against including the suicide method or overly positive descriptions of the deceased for fear of causing contagion.  Which gave Reporter Jane a problem in reporting on how her dad did what he did. Sh [...]

Trout (print only)

Two years after her mother’s death, Jane’s boyfriend asked her to marry him, and nine months later, they moved across the country to start their new life. Jane was twenty-nine, ready to step away from Phoenix after a hard few years. Ryan had ta [...]